Play online pokies and travel back in time


There are thousands upon thousands of different pokie game layouts and they keep coming in waves.

New features are constantly added to new pokies, and they keep expanding a game that was once a simple put a coin and pull a lever game. And on top of that new bonus chances and new mini games are a trend in new pokies online.
Retro-Reels-Extreme-Heat-1With all those mini games and all those flashy animations you spend more time in those mini games than playing a pokie game. Don’t get me wrong, all those games are mostly interesting, and ever increasing number of bonuses and free spin chances are always good but it is not for everyone. A lot of players prefer this kind of pokie games for they can be quite long and interesting.
On the other hand, there is a number of players that simply want to “ insert a coin and play “. For this kind of players, Microgaming casino went back in time and came back with Retro Reels.
Retro reels is a pokie game that is a blend of new technology and old good mechanical feel of the slots machine.
First of all many of the new pokie games have extensive list of possible win combinations and you have to keep a track about all those signs. Retro Reels as its name says has a small number of winning combinations, that are pretty basic. But still, jackpot that is always the same( 10 000 dollars ) is quite big for a poke as simple as this. Even though this is a look back at the past, this game goes with basic trends that all pokie games have so they include free spins and multipliers.
Retro_Reels_4But as its ancestors Retro reels is not a progressive pokie game, and its jackpot is as it was in old times, fixed. So this is basically a pokie game that will go skin to skin with more conservative players. Or it can always be a high rollers escape place when they lose big on some of other pokie games.

Retro reels transfers its retro feel from black and quite simple background to a symbols that are played with. You will not find any of the new symbolss found in any of the new pokie games. In Retro Reels you will not be able to hit wild symbols or scatter symbols simply because they are not present in the game. All symbols are retro styled and taken from slots machines of last century so they are original and authentic.

Free spins are achieved by simply hitting their symbols on any of the fields. There is only one free spin bonus, and that is 15 free spins. Holding to the tradition, any win you hit during those spins is automatically doubled.

Whether you should pick and play Retro Reels is all on you. This can be a lay back and let the reels spin pokie game that you play during pauses from more complicated pokies and it can be a quick fun time on your job breaks.

False myths about Online Slots

mzl.oxhrliitFirst of all we must unravel the greatest of myths that surround Online Slots. That is their connection with normal slot machines. Well in fact there is no strong connection between these two. While by playing normal slot machines you just insert a coin and push or press, Online Slots offer much more. In most cases they include background music to calm players, and, or animations that follow games you play.

They aim to make players comfortable while they play, in order to avoid players getting bored after some time spent playing.

Of course there are a lot of other myths about online Slots that circle around, and they more than often serve to discourage people from playing Online Slots.

All of these so called myths are utter nonsense and they, like many other myths are fabricated but those that had bad luck or those who don’t know but still play Online Slots or similar games.


There are few big myths that exist for a long amount of time, and were first fabricated by players and non-players of regular slot machines. With arrival of online betting, these myths were transferred to Online Slots by sore losers of the same.

Among many, some of the greatest myths, that are false, are on the list below.

unnamed (1)

-One of the greatest myths surrounding the Online Slots is that they give more winnings when there are less players playing in online casinos, but they give close to none when action starts, and servers get full (this is usually around early night hours, when people come from work).

This is untrue. Not every player can win. Casinos balance winnings for all players and for all games including Online Slots. If every player wins, casinos lose money needed to operate. So there has to be a balance between winning and losing to ensure continuous existence of casinos and to keep players happy, so they can become regular customers.

shutterstock_227249680-Another myth that came from regular slot machines but is strongly rooted in people around mobile pokies is that game closes its chances to give if someone already won big money on that game. And if players didn’t win for a long time on a certain slot game, then that game has bigger chances to give money.

This is of course another misconception about Online Slots. Each spin, and each play of the games on Online Slots is independent of any exterior influence. Previous plays, amount of money invested, time difference of previous winnings are not factors that influence players spins.

-Another myth about Online Slots is that every game is already programmed and every spin is already calculated, and that they repeat in a cycle.

This is also untrue. Every play on any Online Slot game is random, and there are no pre-programmed spins. Each play is independent and only factor that matters is luck.


Those were some of the biggest myths about Online Slot games.  You should know that many Online Slot games provide free demos where you can test those games for free and decide whether to play them for real or not.

Online Roulette And Stress


Do you think that you are normally under same amount of stress when playing live and online? Poker, blackjack and slots, especially slots are dealing huge blows of stress to its players. But what about roulette, a wonderful game from the movies where everybody is happy and they are always look like they having a great fun. Is it more stressful to play online roulette or rather a live one?

hqdefaultPlaying online means you are playing alone in front of your computer and you are winning and losing and winning and losing… This great game, if you are not winning every day, becomes a dull, bored game. So why not playing it live? It’s sort of fun dressing nicely and going out in a casino. Roulette is probably the best game for gentlemen. Even if you aren’t one, roulette is a good choice when it comes about games of chances.

Online versions of roulette are really great. Their interface and graphics are excellent. It is very easy to start and to play. But what are you going to do when you start losing? That will happen more often online. When you are live and you are losing, all the time people will start to look at you in some weird way and you will figure out that it is time to go home. In online roulette that doesn’t exist; you are playing until you have money no more money. There are no smiles and human laugh, there is only you and the monitor. So how not to be under stress and still keep playing roulette? It all depends what sort of person you are. How will you react on losses? Will you get angry or anxious? Will you go to sleep every day at the same time?

pppRoulette is simply about luck and fun. Because there is no really a winning formula so you should keep in mind that casinos are always winning somehow. So you should try to be a casino if you can.

Playing it on your smartphone for instance, on its small screen can also be stressful. Some player will develop an unhealthy need to smash things after a big loss. You should just know to play a nice game. To be polite and align with the sentence that roulette is a game for gamblers who are only playing for fun.

Anyway, playing roulette should be some sort of relaxation. You should put aside the budget you are ready to lose and you should start playing. You could even be in plus after a while but the most important thing is that you should be in a good mood. When it comes to online play I always prefer live. But if you don’t have any other chance, online roulette can offer you a decent amount of funn time. It’s maybe easier to make winnings on online roulette because you don’t have any distractions from your surroundings. Just have fun and enjoy playing this great game.

Online casino 101: all you need to know


Whether you visit Vegas on a regular basis, or whether you only seldom place a few dollars on your favorite baseball team it’s hard, or downright impossible, to find an adult man who never in his life had gambled, at least in some way or the other. We could compare it to a widespread addiction, or better to say that it is more like a virus which we all carry inside but it can cause problems only to a small number of people whose “sickness” goes out of control and becomes pathological. To the rest of us it only presents a meaningless and harmless entertainment, with just a small investment required.
So, just like in real-life Vegas (or any other town), where you can choose your type of gambling we have the same principle involved with online casino. With rise and expansion of internet and computer technologies, online marketing and e-banking, casinos had found a secure and legitimate way to go along with streams of modernization and to become casinos of the future, i.e. Casino2.0.
inter-casino1Online casinos are then basically replicas of the ones found in real world, but with one distinction – the money you lose may not be real. Casinos give you an option to gamble fictional money, or to play practice games for free, but majority of people do visit those internet sites to pursue, and hopefully catch, that potential cup of gold at the end of the rainbow.
Naturally, odds in that race are stacked in favor of the “house”, or the company that provides the gambling experience. The scales are slightly tipped on their side with a little something called a “house edge”, which is a percentage of money that the house is sure to gather after every deposit you make, or even after every winning you happen to have. But that number is very small so most of the players just decide to ignore it and eventually they forget all about it.
Highly complicated and sophisticated mathematical algorithms are the ones responsible for this, and the outcome of each game is predicted by “pseudorandom number generator” (PRNG). Of course, everybody realize that it is not completely random, but statistically it comes ever so close and it is generally accepted in that sense. This technology determines the outcome of a dice throw, or the order of cards being drawn, or sequence of fruits coming out on your old-fashioned slots machine.
10983Black_JackMost famous, and the games that people play the most when coming to an online casino, are:

  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Craps
  • Baccarat
  • Poker
  • Slots

There are of course many more of those, such as sic bo, keno, bingo, etc., and all of them have to be powered by a computer software – and the biggest companies that produce and sell these are Microgaming (founded all the way back in 1994), Playtech, International Game Technology, Realtime Gaming and CryptoLogic Inc (now Amaya).
Their job is to ensure that everything goes on as smoothly as possible, and that both the house and the player are satisfied after a session. Players are generally not satisfied when they log out with zero on account but that is the nature of gambling itself – sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.