False myths about Online Slots

mzl.oxhrliitFirst of all we must unravel the greatest of myths that surround Online Slots. That is their connection with normal slot machines. Well in fact there is no strong connection between these two. While by playing normal slot machines you just insert a coin and push or press, Online Slots offer much more. In most cases they include background music to calm players, and, or animations that follow games you play.

They aim to make players comfortable while they play, in order to avoid players getting bored after some time spent playing.

Of course there are a lot of other myths about online Slots that circle around, and they more than often serve to discourage people from playing Online Slots.

All of these so called myths are utter nonsense and they, like many other myths are fabricated but those that had bad luck or those who don’t know but still play Online Slots or similar games.


There are few big myths that exist for a long amount of time, and were first fabricated by players and non-players of regular slot machines. With arrival of online betting, these myths were transferred to Online Slots by sore losers of the same.

Among many, some of the greatest myths, that are false, are on the list below.

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-One of the greatest myths surrounding the Online Slots is that they give more winnings when there are less players playing in online casinos, but they give close to none when action starts, and servers get full (this is usually around early night hours, when people come from work).

This is untrue. Not every player can win. Casinos balance winnings for all players and for all games including Online Slots. If every player wins, casinos lose money needed to operate. So there has to be a balance between winning and losing to ensure continuous existence of casinos and to keep players happy, so they can become regular customers.

shutterstock_227249680-Another myth that came from regular slot machines but is strongly rooted in people around mobile pokies is that game closes its chances to give if someone already won big money on that game. And if players didn’t win for a long time on a certain slot game, then that game has bigger chances to give money.

This is of course another misconception about Online Slots. Each spin, and each play of the games on Online Slots is independent of any exterior influence. Previous plays, amount of money invested, time difference of previous winnings are not factors that influence players spins.

-Another myth about Online Slots is that every game is already programmed and every spin is already calculated, and that they repeat in a cycle.

This is also untrue. Every play on any Online Slot game is random, and there are no pre-programmed spins. Each play is independent and only factor that matters is luck.


Those were some of the biggest myths about Online Slot games.  You should know that many Online Slot games provide free demos where you can test those games for free and decide whether to play them for real or not.