Play online pokies and travel back in time


There are thousands upon thousands of different pokie game layouts and they keep coming in waves.

New features are constantly added to new pokies, and they keep expanding a game that was once a simple put a coin and pull a lever game. And on top of that new bonus chances and new mini games are a trend in new pokies online.
Retro-Reels-Extreme-Heat-1With all those mini games and all those flashy animations you spend more time in those mini games than playing a pokie game. Don’t get me wrong, all those games are mostly interesting, and ever increasing number of bonuses and free spin chances are always good but it is not for everyone. A lot of players prefer this kind of pokie games for they can be quite long and interesting.
On the other hand, there is a number of players that simply want to “ insert a coin and play “. For this kind of players, Microgaming casino went back in time and came back with Retro Reels.
Retro reels is a pokie game that is a blend of new technology and old good mechanical feel of the slots machine.
First of all many of the new pokie games have extensive list of possible win combinations and you have to keep a track about all those signs. Retro Reels as its name says has a small number of winning combinations, that are pretty basic. But still, jackpot that is always the same( 10 000 dollars ) is quite big for a poke as simple as this. Even though this is a look back at the past, this game goes with basic trends that all pokie games have so they include free spins and multipliers.
Retro_Reels_4But as its ancestors Retro reels is not a progressive pokie game, and its jackpot is as it was in old times, fixed. So this is basically a pokie game that will go skin to skin with more conservative players. Or it can always be a high rollers escape place when they lose big on some of other pokie games.

Retro reels transfers its retro feel from black and quite simple background to a symbols that are played with. You will not find any of the new symbolss found in any of the new pokie games. In Retro Reels you will not be able to hit wild symbols or scatter symbols simply because they are not present in the game. All symbols are retro styled and taken from slots machines of last century so they are original and authentic.

Free spins are achieved by simply hitting their symbols on any of the fields. There is only one free spin bonus, and that is 15 free spins. Holding to the tradition, any win you hit during those spins is automatically doubled.

Whether you should pick and play Retro Reels is all on you. This can be a lay back and let the reels spin pokie game that you play during pauses from more complicated pokies and it can be a quick fun time on your job breaks.